The 2020 Corolla is Here. Let’s Go Crazy.

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Yes, you’ve heard the news: The all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla is here. The Corolla has long been one of the best-selling vehicles in the world, and now it’s got a new face. The chassis is all-new to the Corolla sedan, borrowing from the enthusiastic Corolla Hatchback. A newfound focus on driving pleasure and excitement were some of the top priorities when designing and engineering the new Corolla. Steering is sharper, quicker, and more feelsome than before. The ride quality is better, yet the chassis responds better and with far more control. In addition, a new, optional, high-compression engine produces 168 horsepower. Even a 6-speed manual transmission is standard, and with automatic rev-matching on downshifts, to cater to those of us preferring to row our own gears.

Sharply Tailored

Meanwhile, the new clothes are that of a model strutting down the catwalk, throwing blue steel towards every onlooker. The chiseled front appears to be styled by a samurai and his sword, while the body’s tightly stretched over the underpinnings by The Mountain. A personal favorite are how the headlights appear connected, almost as if its smiling with a touch of daring, fun and evil about it. No Corolla has exuded an attitude such as this before.


Inside, a new interior layout updates the Corolla for the next century. Materials are top-notch with a simple, yet elegant style throughout the cabin. The latest technology is present as well as the latest safety, making this a fitting package to lead the charge into this next decade.



Corolla Hybrid

Oh, but there’s more. Introducing the first-available Corolla Hybrid in the United States.  Using an electric motor and battery in unison with an Atkinson-cycle, internal combustion engine, the Corolla Hybrid produces staggering efficiency. A combined 52 MPG is the result! Now, there is a Corolla for everybody.