What Toyota is Right For You

Now you might be wondering, with all these different models to choose from, which Toyota is right for me? We’re here to break it down for you to make life easier, because buying a car should be fun. Why choose a Toyota to begin with? Because of the reputation they’ve made for themselves. Time and time again, people choose Toyota for the outstanding affordability, quality, and reliability. Most models feature standard Toyota Sense Systems active driving aids. Lastly, nearly every model is made right here in the United Sates. Here is our Thompsons Toyota Buyer’s Guide.

We’ll break this down into several categories:
  1. Compacts & Sedans
  2. SUVs & Crossovers
  3. Trucks
Compacts & Sedans
  • Yaris

The entry-level Toyota is the Yaris, which comes as either the hatchback Yaris, or the Yaris iA sedan. Pricing starts under $16,000 and the pair make the most of their diminutive size, with larger than expected interiors, and world-class safety. Light weight and small engines make them incredibly fuel efficient as well. The result is perfect for those needing something mall, affordable, and economical for the daily grind. Yaris represents the best in the world for a super-compact car, and even collision avoidance is standard. An amazing value through and through.


  • Corolla

The next step is the Corolla, one of the oldest continuing models ever. Introduced in 1966, the Corolla is one of the best selling cars in the world. The Corolla can be credited for introducing the concept of a small, affordable, economical and reliable car to the world. The current Corolla continues the trend, with an aggressive shape and stance styled by a Samurai. It’s grown in size, being able to comfortably seat anyone in the back and a trunk to pack enough for anywhere. 40 MPG is easily possible on the freeway too. It may look small, but you’ll be surprised how easily it can take family and friends anywhere with you in style. This is all coupled with legendary Toyota quality, with the interior being an extremely pleasant place to be. Toyota Safety Sense comes standard, too.

  • C-HR

While technically an SUV Crossover, the C-HR is the compact choice when it comes to something higher off the ground. Exceptional space is coupled with fantastic looks that give off a stylized, mean sporting demeanor. The trick four-cylinder engine delivers over 30 MPG on the freeway even, terrific for a crossover. A 5-star NHTSA safety rating means it will protect you and your loved ones. If you’re wanting something small, but higher up with the space of an SUV and eye-grabbing good looks, the C-HR could be your dream car. And the best part is pricing start under $23,000. An excellent way to stand out from the crowd and the norm.

  • Prius C

Ah, the venerable Prius. Today, Toyota makes several different Prius’ to choose from. The C stands for city, and it’s a Prius of small proportions. At 160″ long, it can parallel park in any of the tight spaces in Sacramento or San Francisco. The real highlights, though? How about a starting price barely over $20,000 and an EPA gas mileage of 48/43 city and highway. If you’re looking for the most economical commuter possible and you don’t need tons of space, look no further.




  • Prius

The Ruler of fuel economy. The Prius is a landmark for cars, being the first successful mainstream hybrid. The new edition boasts the best fuel economy yet and features futuristic, space-age looks. There’s the regular Prius, and also the Prime, which is a plug-in model capable of 25 miles of pure electric driving range. If you have a real short drive to work, the Prime might be the way to go. Both achieve upwards of 50 MPG overall according to the EPA. 50 MPG! It really is one of the most economical cars in the entire world, which explains why it is the perennial favorite for commuters all over. The price is economical too, starting at $23,475.


  • Camry

Next, we have the bread and butter of Toyota. This is the car most people think of when hearing the name Toyota. Like the Corolla, the Camry is one of the best selling cars in the United States. It’s long been the choice for those looking for an affordable, dependable mid-size sedan. The reliability has far exceeded the best of Europe for years, while offering similar size and quality for a fraction of the price, starting at $23,495. For some, a Corolla is just too small, and that’s where the Camry steps in. Available in a variety of flavors, there’s a sport package which looks exceptionally racy, and a hybrid too. The V6 Camry makes a whopping 301 horsepower now even. Moreover, this is not a car for someone, but for everyone.

  • Avalon

Another option is the Avalon, the flagship sedan in Toyota’s lineup. Being the flagship, it should be no surprise that the Avalon really is true luxury. Both larger than the Camry and more luxurious, it’s a representation of the perfection that Toyota strives for with each model. Japan believes in providing those with the highest level of hospitality, something the Avalon fully embodies. Luxury leather seats are standard. Furthermore, performance couples the styling, as it carries a 268 hp V6 under the hood. Toyota Safety Sense is standard of course as well. The results are supreme comfort, style, and performance to match. Avalon was an island paradise, perfectly fitting and deserving then. Prices start from $33,500.

SUVs & Crossovers
  • C-HR

The C-HR is the compact choice when it comes to something higher off the ground. Exceptional space is coupled with fantastic looks that give off a stylized mean sporting demeanor. The trick four-cylinder engine delivers over 30 MPG on the freeway even, terrific for a crossover. A 5-star NHTSA safety rating means it will protect you and your loved ones. If you’re wanting something small, but higher up with the space of an SUV and eye-grabbing good looks, the C-HR could be your dream car. A great way to stand out from the crowd, have excellent fuel economy, and have the space and practically of a crossover. And the best part is prices start under $23,000.

  • Rav4

Did you know the Rav4 was the best selling SUV in the United States in 2017? That’s right, the Rav4 has grown into a world-beater. It blurs the line between crossover and SUV, being small enough on the outside, but big enough on the inside. Now, it really is a do-it-all car, and at a starting price of $24,510. It’s also available as a hybrid, and all models achieving 30 mpg on the freeway, terrific for a car of this size. With the ability to take the family with you anywhere, the Rav4 really has evolved into the perfect affordable package. This is the best of both worlds, that’s why many are choosing the Rav4 now.



  • Highlander

The Highlander has been a staple in the Toyota lineup for nearly 20 years. A mid-size crossover SUV, the Highlander has the ability to seat up to 8 with nifty third-row seats. Also, included as standard is a  lane-keeping and departure assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, and pre-collision warnings. Highlander starts just over $31,000, making it a very sensible choice for those needing a third-row seat, but also for those who simply want a nice car with some space. For those looking for optimal fuel efficiency, a hybrid is available as well. The SE and Limited infuse real luxury in them as well, rivaling cars double its price for quality and refinement. 

  • Sienna

Available All-Wheel Drive, that is what sets the Sienna apart from other minivans; The ultimate foul-weather family hauler. The Sienna is the definitive minivan. A suite of Toyota Safety Sense systems come standard, while a gutsy 296 horsepower V6 propels the Sienna. A slick 8 speed automatic does the shifting for you. This is no longer just a van for mom’s, it’s become so much more than that, from the sharp styling to the raw performance. Starting at $30,750, a Sienna can take the family anywhere in complete comfort, as the design of the Sienna allows for maximum interior space. Access in and out of the third row is easily done by the second’s tip-and-slide design. There’s a reason that, when people think minivan, they think Toyota Sienna. The Sienna is quite simply the quintessential minivan.


  • 4Runner

Certainly you’ve heard of the 4Runner? No? Yes? If you have, you’ve probably heard of the 4Runner’s legendary off-road capability. That is what separates the 4Runner apart from rivals. There are few other cars that are as dominant on both asphalt and dirt like the 4Runner. Best part is, over the years, the 4Runner has grown up in size and quality as well. With the Limited model, it now even resembles a luxury car inside and out. However, in TRD Pro trim, it’s all sport and performance with a menacing fascia and suspension and drivetrain upgrades. Any 4Runner can tackle what gets  thrown at it with their trick locking differentials and 4-wheel-drive systems. It’s really quite incredible because of just how talented it is everywhere. 4Runner is a Toyota hallmark and masterpiece. Entry is $34,610 to $42,875 for the conquering TRD Pro.


  • Sequoia

Above all, there’s the Sequoia. So, you want something truly large, with luxury to shame cars twice its price? That’s the Sequoia for you. This is the real deal when it comes to a full-size SUV. Under the hood is a ballistic 5.7 liter iForce V8, making 381 horsepower. The third-row seat is larger than in the Highlander and power folds itself flat when you don’t need it. The Sequoia is part of Toyota’s ‘ultimate series,’ and only starts just below $50,000. It is a no-compromise SUV built for extreme luxury, performance, quality, ruggedness, and durability. It’s an opulent cruise ship on wheels. The look suggests a well-tailored suit with the tie slightly loosened; elegant, but ready for fun.




  • Tacoma

This is the companion piece to the 4Runner. Available as a smaller pickup in the form of the SR up to the conquering TRD PRO, there’s a Tacoma for every occasion. The Tacoma comes from an unprecedented level of durability, being able to withstand  endless abuse. There’s a huge following for both the 4Runner and Tacoma. They are not the boring choice, but the enthusiast choice. It’s almost best to think of the Tacoma as a 4Runner with a truck bed as so much of the ideology and design are shared. Picture this with a TRD Tacoma: throw a cooler with drinks and food in the bed, drive out to the desert or forest, enjoy the limits of its ability on the dirt and sand, hangout, and then drive it home and to work the next day. That sounds fun, right? Oh, and collision-avoidance comes standard at the intro-price of $25,200.

  • Tundra

Is the Tacoma too small or lack your luxury requirements? Climb aboard the Tundra. Toyota called the Tundra, “The truck that’s changing it all,” and they were right. The Tundra is a proper, full-size pickup truck. Whether being used for work, towing horses, a boat, or using it as a commuter, Tundra will do it. It packs a punch too: boasting gut-busting V8s and a transmission designed for optimal strength, durability, and capability. Available in Double Cab SR trim up to the premium 1794 Edition CrewMax. All Tundra’s are built in San Antonio, Texas, the heart of truck country. The Tundra lifestyle is one to aspire too, and like all Toyota’s, it cuts well above its weight with a price that won’t scare you off.